Saturday, November 8, 2008

Why you have to make mistakes to succeed.

Why do we want to be perfect? Why do we have such huge goals that we wish to come to us in the blink of an eye -- a new car, a new house, a book deal, and so on? Why do we want these things? Why do we want to get these things without making any mistakes?

Mistakes don't really exist. They're just learning experiences. This blog entry is likely going to be poorly written and difficult to read. I would be surprised if half the people that have started reading this blog have already moved to another site or skipped ahead to a new article.

But my point is this -- we need to make mistakes, and make them consistently. Make as many mistakes as you can, because each mistake brings you closer to your goal.

Is writing a bad article bringing me closer to my goal? Of course it is! Simply writing this blog entry gives me writing practice, even though the writing is crude and uninteresting. Writing this blog also helps me achieve my goal of being creative -- I am creating this article, thus, I am creative! I also wanted to not only practice writing, but practice writing consistently. By writing this article, I am doing that and am glad.

So it really doesn't matter if what you're doing is not to the level of quality that you would ideally want to achieve. By doing a poor job, you are setting the stage so that you will one day do an excellent job!

What do you think?

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