Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What can I say? I'm proud to be an American tonight.

Tonight is a night we will all remember. Not only for Americans, but the whole world. We're entering a new world, a world where peace will reign, hope will be abundant, and reconciliation will be our priority. The years of fear are over.

Obama is our new President.

No more Bush, no more Palin, no more Joe the Plumber, no more Cindy McCain, no more elitist Republicans preying on our poor country folk, no more war, no more evil.

A new day has come.

We are free from the past. Too bad so many of America's men and women perished overseas, in Iraq. I pray for them everyday, letting them know that they are loved and appreciated for all eternity -- for taking our leaders on their word, and working to protect us, exposing themselves to horrible, inhumane conditions, even though they did so under the pretense of deliberate lies that misled and confused us, the American people.

But those days are over. Obama is so much more than the man. It's the movement.

It's for us. Enjoy it, my fellow Americans.

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