Tuesday, November 4, 2008

should you give up on your blog?

Personally, I have met many people who first are very excited to start blogging. Everyone starts blogging for different reasons -- someone may want to express themselves creatively, others may want to become part of a community, and some do it strictly for monetary profit [the last category usually gives up fastest.]

Anywho, I am here to encourage you to never give up on your blog! You should always be posting your ideas, thoughts, questions about life in your blog so other people can read them.
Plus, you never know who is going to read your blog and what impact that will have on your life!
remember to clean and prowl away from creative ennui...lol that's so badly said but that's what i came up with in adobe.

For example, that chick that wrote that movie called Juno. She kept a really nasty blog that some guy thought was something else [starts with p and rhymes with horn], but he was a Hollywood producer and then she got a movie writing deal and got to win an Oscar.

You may not care about that story, even I don't really care, but there's still an important message! Never give up! Wouldn't you rather write screenplays at home than go to a job where youo're yelled at for being late to a meeting [and the person doing the yelling is late almost ninety-five percent of the time]. I know I would!

That is why I am going to start my next project: Maximum Light - One Screenplay per week. Yes, I am going to write one screenplay per week and see if I can replicate the success of Juno writer Devil Kody or whatever her fake name is.

I am going to do this because it is most important for me to become a better writer, out of fear more than anything else. I see so many blogs written by people who are, unfortunately, writing in such broken English. I want to become an excellent writer who writes only in excellent english!!

I just want to express myself. It hurts to keep so much in for so long. I want to express and explore different forms of expression...writing, organizing, dressing, and so much more.

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