Monday, February 2, 2009

You need to realize you're nothing so you can become everything.

We have to start from where we are right now.  So many gurus coax us to imagine ourselves already being rich, already possessing whatever trait or item we desire.  It should be easy, wonderful, they tell us -- you already have what you desire, you just don't know it yet.  Jesus said "Ask and you shall receive."  What He failed to mention was what happens between the asking and the receiving part!  

Modern internet spirituality gurus tell us that we're sons of God, which I agree with.  But I don't think God wants us to be bored.  God wants us to be engaged, excited.  

Do we desire to live like kings, having everything handed to us, with mystical spirits in the ethers arranging everything "just so" so we can live a life of complete pleasure and bliss?  I used to think I did.  Now I realize that this is all a game, and you have to play if you want a chance at winning.  

Imagine if your life is a video game.  I remember playing those Japanese RPGS back when I was younger at friend's houses, games like Zelda, Secret of Mana, and so on.  I was never good at them, but they were thrilling for me to watch.  The stories, however simple, usually started with a young man with nothing.  Through his journeys, he makes friends, defeats enemies, accumulates fame and fortune.

Would you want to play a video game where you are a king and you just get whatever you want?  Shuffling to your bed chamber to your throne in your kingly robe and heavy crown so you can have people bow down and respect you?  Isn't it more fun to start from nothing and work your way up, fighting, and struggling?

How much more motivated would you be if you said to yourself "I'm nothing - I've accomplished nothing, I've made nothing of myself so far." Thinking that thought makes me want to fight, to prove it isn't true, to throw myself into something I feel passionate about. Being nothing is liberating because it gives you the chance to be whatever you want!  Saying you're nothing gives you a clean slate!

So say this -- say, "I'm nothing.  I haven't any talents.  I have no history.  I am a blank slate.  I have no negative emotions."  It makes you want to fill the void, huh?  It makes you want to take action.

Realize you're nothing so you can become everything.  We have to work our way up.  We have to start at the bottom if we want to get to the top.  We have to be realistic -- not about how others view reality, but we have to be honest with how we view OURSELVES if we want to progress.  

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