Sunday, February 1, 2009

How can you get stuff done on the weekend?

If you're like me, come Friday, you have some big goals for the weekend. You'll get to the gym, work on that screenplay, develop that website, or do whatever. However, on Saturday morning, looking at the list of things you want to accomplish, you feel overwhelmed. Maybe I'll start work on that novel after I watch a few minutes of the news, you think. Maybe my new office just for my own projects, not stuff from my weekday gig, can get set up after I take a nap.

Then, on Sunday night, you feel depressed, like a real dope. You got nothing done! Well, let's change that so next weekend you can feel like you have actually accomplished something.

1. Don't have weekend goals/duties/tasks: Now, this may seem counter intuitive, but the only way to succeed in a situation like this is to NOT have goals! Instead, just make them overarching goals. Don't push them off until the weekend -- just work on them constantly until they are complete. If you only have 15 minutes after going to the work and then the gym, use that time to work on your project. You'll build up momentum so that by the weekend, you'll have that drive going to keep going on your project.

2. Divide one task into as many sub-tasks as possible: If your goal is to "clean your new home office,' break it into as many, tiny goals as possible. In fact, write them all out. Then allocate certain amount of time to each task -- the shorter the amount of time, the better. You can usually get things done a lot quicker if you have less time to do it.

3. Think of yourself as 'cheating': This is strange logic that might work for you. Most people in contemporary Western culture view the weekend as a time for relaxation and idleness where there is no obligation to do anything meaningful -- in fact, you are supposed to tell people on Monday, what you did -- if you tell people, "Oh, I finished the first draft on my novel," "I sold 1,000 dollars of shit I didn't want on Ebay", or something else that shows you were productive, they will probably be jealous or question your sanity. They will often say something along the lines of, "I watched the first two seasons of 24 on Saturday."

That's fine, but that's not what we want to do. We are Babyfaces. We have to plot and scheme because we're on the very bottom of the social ladder, but we're not happy staying here. We've got to make the most of every minute. Sometimes, we've got to "cheat" to get ahead. In our case, cheating does not mean lying, or doing anything illegal. It means that we must be working on our off hours to become more wealthy, beautiful, and intelligent. When our work "friends" are out drinking and having fun at Outback Steakhouse, we're at home meditating, eating only raw veggies, and exercising so if we have interactions with rich, powerful people, they are more likely to want to engage us in conversation, hire us to work for their firms, etc.

We have to be exceptional because we're competing with everyone else. We've got to get ours. Does going to Outback help us get towards our goal? No, at that important meeting on Monday, you will still feel bloated and hungover, causing the CEO to question whether that raise is really a good idea. We've got to hustle, leverage very minute to get ahead, to improve ourselves so we don't have to live in poverty and un-greatness forever.



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Trulyana said...

Great tips. I never plan. I just do what I feel, though in saying that I sometimes have small reservations in little things I would like to do - and when I do act on them, I always feel happy for following them through. :) Be it act of will, or intuition, the latter is always beneficial. :)