Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Senator Palin

"The Gentlewoman from Alaska, Senator Palin"

Senator Palin

Now that we know there's no way that Sarah Palin won't be VP, the next thing to consider is if she's going to become a Senator. With Senator Ted Stevens, 84 [???] years old [ed note: Does Sarah have some thing for taking advantage of elderly, powerful men -- shall we call her Anna Nicole Palin?], almost out of the picture, she could place herself right into the Washington she hates.

Senator Palin. I would love to see her and Hillary placed on the same committee. I don't doubt that Sarah has potential, but she has no curiosity, and has been considered an anti-intellectual. That is putting it lightly.

Does Sarah deserve to be in Washington? Yes, if the proper people elect her. No one elected her to be VP, she was chosen by the Republicans [may God bless them that they reform stronger than ever].

I think a two-party system is important, and even though I’m a liberal leaning Democrat, I think the Republicans really have to reform and create a new message.

But what ruined Sarah Palin’s credibility and what is she going to have to do to become huge in Washington?

1. Do something eco-friendly.
2. New hairstyle/glasses
3. Have one of her children be gay, become pro-gay marriage.
4. Say that she was on drugs during the VP campaign...that maybe can explain away her inability to answer any questions.
5. Become a published author in highly-regarded academic journals.
6. Sex tape with Todd [sorry, that would be hot -- not gonna lie, they’re both beautiful people]
7. Become more crunchy and hippie-ish : publicly destroy/burn expensive clothes the RNC bought her, or sew them into a giant AIDS quilt and sell it for fund-raising. Next, wear overalls and clogs -- Todd would always have to be shirtless or nude.
8. Go to grad school, finish top of her class, get a PhD, teach, and become a community organizer.
10. Go blonde.

Do you agree what my ideas for Sarah Palin 2.0? Please let me know in the comments section!

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