Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sad to see the four day weekend go.

Aww, the weekends go so quickly. I remember last Wednesday, being so excited to leave work...then we went to happy hour at this cute little Italian restaurant, we, the office workers. We had a good time, I guess -- even though I got this text message from a co-worker that said "That wine gave me a headache", which I thought was really weird. It's like...why would you text that to someone? I am still on the 10 cent a text plan, so I always feel slightly personally offended when people send me texts that are stupid. Hehe.

So, yes, I hadn't been blogging for a long time. I missed it! I am going to pour out all my intimate feelings into this blog as I work on other ones that have a more "commercial" appeal. This one is just for me and my little thoughts.

The thing is, I've been thinking a lot about self-employment. I think people get jobs because they can't handle planning their own time, developing their own goals, and following through. People that work at offices, as you know, often have problems going to the gym, eating right, getting enough sleep -- you would know, or at least I know, that people are constantly like "I'm so tired" "Darn, didn't go to the gym today", and all these other self-sabotaging phrases that they discuss openly (is it wrong that I never really try to reveal any faults of my own in public? I don't want to give anyone any ammunition LOL).

But I was thinking...well, if these people were ordered to go to the gym, would they? I like how I'm talking like I'm the exception, but I do what all those other bitches do too. Lazy when it comes to anything having to do with maintaining yourself or doing things you like, and nervous/scared to please others that give you orders in exchange for money.

I think it's important that I realized this, and I will work to create goals and follow through -- like the phrase, "be your own boss". But I'll be an awesome boss to myself!

What do you think? How do you manage time when you work for yourself? What did you notice about yourself when you worked in an office environment versus being self-employed?


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