Monday, November 3, 2008

My suggestions to improve Kath and Kim.

So the new show Kath and Kim is out, and here is my verdict -- it will improve. But right now, the plots are just so implausible, the writers are so cruel to the characters, and it's just so...out of touch.


Molly Shannon and Selma Blair are good actresses, but the writing is really bad. I think the premise is good...comedy about mother and daughter living together who represent the bottom levels of cultural achievement. But they made the daughter seems so dumb it's not even believable -- and if people really exist like that, then I don't want to really watch it.

The only show that got away with this was Strangers with Candy and i think the reason it worked was because Jerri was so bizarre, and the other characters were "normal".

Let's make Kath and Kim the samme...but make them do different things...

Make it a dramedy, not an absurdist "comedy". It's not funny now. Ugh, I'm being so inarticulate because I was just at work and I'm suffering from that post-work gross brain freeze. But I will elucidate my point eventually!

I'm thinking...make kath and kim...more dangerous. exciting, sexy, suspenseful...not dumb and nonthreatening. Set these two, cheerful yet unassuming women against a dark world...create contrast. Right now they're in this perfect world that no matter what stupid decisions they make, there are no repercussions. I think that is the main problem.

Have Kath have some dark secret...have it rain more. Change the tone. Americans like dark tv, we want there to be outcomes as a result of the characters actions.

I will write more about this later. I will consult for the show if asked -- but it can't be between five and 7;30 at night, because I am now realizing that those are not my "peak' hours.

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