Monday, February 9, 2009

I'll tell you how to save 500 every two weeks in this recession.

In this recession, there's only one way to survive -- spend less money. But how can we do that? We need to eat, right??


I learned today about this woman, named Jasmuheen, who lives only on air. Isn't that crazy? Check out her webpage.

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PCLicious Video Tutorials said...

LMAO! Catchy title, but this woman has been proved to be wrong in her teachings of living off air, based on a 60 minutes special, she almost died so they stopped filming her. I found this information via Wikipedia which is not the most reliable source of information at times so I like to do further research from more sources, so then I did further research and found other sites mentioning this, for more information on "Breatharianism" here are some articles from this website Rick Ross: Breatharianism articles.

Also you have a great blog and a lot of insight, I have been perusing your archives and I will be commenting more :)

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